Clin Oncol. 2022;7(1):1912. | Case Report | Open Access
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Rare but Marvelous Efficacy of Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy for Adenocarcinoma of Rectum: A Case Report

Zongxian Zhao, Yuan Yao, Miao Jing Fan and Fusheng Wang

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Clin Oncol. 2022;7(1):1911. | Short Communication | Open Access
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New Insights into the Adjuvant Treatment of Stage II Colon Cancer

Fausto Meriggi and Alberto Zaniboni

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Clin Oncol. 2022;7(1):1910. | Editorial | Open Access
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The Truth about Thymine Dimers and Their Role in the Development of Non-Melanoma Skin Cancers

Ekta Yadav and Katherine Vanta

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