Clin Oncol | Volume 4, Issue 1 | Research Article | Open Access

MRI Detection of Prostate Cancer with the UroNav MRI Fusion Platform

Michael Perrotti*, Leigh Python, Claire Yates, Kathryn Kuebler, Alan Perrotti, Brittney Aupperle, Shelby Sheridan, Melinda Guyett and Shirish Parikh

Albany Urologic Oncology, Albany, New York, USA

*Correspondance to: Michael Perrotti 

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The UroNav three dimensional MRI fusion platforms fuse the patient's MRI images with real-time ultrasound in the office setting. Electromagnetic field tracking of the biopsy probe allows targeting of MRI detected prostate lesions. In the present study 86 men underwent UroNav MRI fusion prostate biopsy. Of the men biopsied using this platform, 53 (61%) had prostate cancer detected. There were 44 true positive predictions, 16 false positive predictions, 17 true negative predictions and 9 false negative predictions (chi-square, p<0.05). Of the 53 prostate cancers detected, 31 were classified as high grade (ie, Gleason Score 7 or greater; Prostate Grade Group 2 or greater). UroNav MRI Fusion prostate biopsy correctly identified 28 (90%) of 31 men with high grade prostate cancers.


Perrotti M, Python L, Yates C, Kuebler K, Perrotti A, Shelby Sheridan BA, et al. MRI Detection of Prostate Cancer with the UroNav MRI Fusion Platform. Clin Oncol. 2019; 4: 1616.

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