Clin Oncol | Volume 2, Issue 1 | Review Article | Open Access

LINGO-1 is a New Therapy Target and Biomarker for Ewing Sarcoma

Arvind Jain, Jing Zhang and Terence Rabbitts*

Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine, University of Oxford, Oxford OX3 9DS, UK

*Correspondance to: Terence Rabbitts 

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Ewing sarcoma is a predominantly paediatric cancer with a high rate of metastasis and reoccurrence. A new surface marker called LINGO-1 was recently identified on Ewing tumours as a potential target for antibody-mediated therapies. However, such targeting requires caution because of LINGO-1 expression on some brain cells. Although the blood-brain-barrier exists, small amounts of antibody may cross this barrier and cause harmful side-effects. In this perspective, we suggest some options to alleviate this risk that can make targeting tumour cells expressing the LINGO-1 antigen a safe option.


Ewing sarcoma; Chromosomal translocation; Antibody; Single domains; iDAb; LINGO-1; ADC; Nanoparticles


Jain A, Zhang J, Rabbitts T. LINGO-1 is a New Therapy Target and Biomarker for Ewing Sarcoma. Clin Oncol. 2017;2: 1183.

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